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Communications Systems

The communication networks represent all the technicals means to send information over distance, information which can be sound, image, video, text or data. The best knows communications networks are: fixed telephony, mobile telephony, TV, Internet, etc.

The elements which compose a communication system are mainly: the emitter, the communication channel and the receiver.

Each network has one or more transmitters. Over time, the following transmitters have been used:
- copper conductor connections (symmetrical and asymmetrical);
- radio wave connections;
- optic fibre connections.

Our company can execute complex optic fibre jobs, both indoor and outdoor, for data-voice communication networks, and implement integrated management systems using optic communications.

Main jobs:
- Network and infrastructure design;
- Technical trough, technical infrastructure;
- Underground wiring in existing trough;
- Optic fibre junctions;
- Network maintenance and development
- Diagnostics and quick network fixes.