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Sound and Public Address Systems

Sound and public address systems play an increasingly important role in managing and controlling security systems in industrial buildings, as well as offering ambient music in big shopping centres.

Voice messages (recorded or transmitted by an operator) give precise and actual information regarding actions that need to be takes in case of an emergency.

Sound and public address systems (PA) are often seen in shops, commercial areas, terraces, restaurants, parking lots, stadiums, office buildings, train stations, airports, etc. The PA systems are generally connected to the fire detection and alarm systems so, in case of a fire detection, pre-recorded verbal alerts are sent to the people in the danger zones.

PA systems usually have the following: amplifier, speaker, sound projector, music source, microphone console, volume faders. For the vital equipment (amplifier, power) it is mandatory to use redundant units, as well as to choose equipment that allows monitoring of the broadcast line and message management.