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Data-Voice Structured Systems

In modern society, information is key. To be useful, this information must travel fast to any place it is needed. This is made through a communication network.

Because of the variety of communication networks, which are complex are costly, solutions had to be found to standardise and streamline these networks. Therefore, the term structured network is now used, which means a set of standards and principles which govern the way data-voice cables are installed.

These standards determine a star-like wiring, in which all data outlets are connected to a central patch-panel, which determines the usage of these connections. Through the Patch Panel, every outlet can be connected to a switch to access the data network of can be directed (through a Patch cable) to a PBX telephone system, thus connecting to a voice port.

Patch Panel, Switch and PBX panel equipment is generally installed in a 19’’ rack. To control and organise equipment, the rack can also contain: Patch Organiser, outlet panel (PDU), fixed or mobile small racks, ventilation units, rack control units (smoke, humidity, temperature, door open, etc.).

In case of more building blocks or very vast floors, the limits of a copper wiring leads to delimitation of the areas to a specific rack, while inter-rack connection is made by optic fibre.

Our company designs and configures complex structured wiring systems, using materials and equipment from world renowned producers:
- Copper (Corning, Schrack, 3M, etc)
- Optic Fibre (Corning, Schrack, 3M, Prysmian, etc)
- Rack (Rittal, Canovate, etc)
- Active equipment (Cisco, HP, Netgear, D-Link, Brocade, etc)

To install and diagnose optic fibre wiring, we have our optic fibre laboratory, which has an optic fibre splicer device Fujikura 70S, OTDR OFL 280, launching coils and prep kit.