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Hotel Access Control Systems

Generally speaking, access control systems are used to limit access to different closed or open spaces, thus enhancing security and control levels.

Restriction and access is made considering the access rights assigned to each person, and so the protected areas are thoroughly managed and controlled. Hotel access systems are specific to the accommodation areas and spaces.They can be divided into local unmonitored systems (Stand Alone) or online readers connected in a monitor and control network at the front desk.

Stand alone systems are made from an automated lock installed directly on the door, powered by a battery or a stand alone reader which actions an electromagnetic lock installed in the door. Upon entry in the room, the cards are inserted into the energy saves, to activate the room’s electrical network. Cards are programmed at front desk for the whole stay of the tourist, who can maybe gain access to other facilities (pool, spa, etc.).Online access control systems use the same basic principle, but all the access systems are connected to a management control panel. This way, all operations are monitored in real time at front desk, ensuring an enhanced comfort and security for the visitor.

For the optimal configuration of a hotel access control system, as well as other detailed information regarding these systems, please contact us.