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Automation Systems

Automation systems are divided into 2 categories: gate automations and parking lot access automation.

Gate automations are used to enhance comfort and accessibility of a home, and can be set on: swing doors, sliding doors, or garage doors. The functioning of a swing door has at its basis 2 electrical powered engines, set on the 2 sections of the door. The system also includes signalling lamp, antenna radio module, photoelectric cell, remote controls. The sliding door only uses one engine set on the access gate’s lateral side, and a rack rail system for the gate’s opening and closing. The engine’s power is calculated considering the weight and size of the gate. The access system also includes the signalling lamp, antenna radio module, photoelectric cell, remote controls, etc. Garage doors use an actioning engine and has the same components as the systems described above.

All these automation systems can be integrated with intelligent home management systems and liked with different functions (outdoor light on-switching, disarming perimeter alarms, etc.).

The parking automation systems are used to limit access to public or private parking lots. They generally have a lifting gate with a variable size and a parking lot management system that can include: free/occupied lights, payment machine, LED display of the number of free spots, intelligent mobile app software. Permanent or limited access rights can be defined, or there can exist subscription based access cards, etc.

All the systems above can be used in residential applications, as well as industrial ones (office buildings, etc.).

For the optimal configuration of an automation system, as well as other detailed information regarding these systems, please contact us.