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Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV)

Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV) The video surveillance system or CCTV (closed circuit television) is used to monitor and record images in a specific space. These systems offer a series of advantages, like: security cost reduction, easy suspect recognition, simplicity and reliability, scalability, fast response in crisis. Among the main applications of a CCTV system there are: traffic control, crowd control, surveilling limited access areas, employee control, parking lot and shop control, industrial control, etc.

The video surveillance system is a TV system that works in a loop, the video resulted from the system are available to a limited number of users, generally those connected to the loop. This loop is a physical connection which connects different component pieces of equipment (video cameras, recording units, monitors). The images are usually transmitted in a composed signal using coaxial cables (75 ohm impedance), data cable (UTP), optic fibre or wireless.

The components of a video surveillance system are:

- video cameras
– lens: fixed or varifocal, manual- or autoiris
- case: thermoregulated cases protecting outdoor cameras
 – IR reflector
- camera power system: 220V, 24V, 12V CC
- monitor
- recording system: DVR, NVR, SD-CARD, Cloud, NAS, Server, etc.
- Metallic rack, UPS
- other accessories: transmission modules, protection modules, switches, multiplexers
- transmitter: coaxial cable, UTP cable, optic fibre, wireless equipment.

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